Company History

Biofine Inc. was started in 1987 as a technology holding company controlling the patents to the levulinic acid technology along with various license agreements to related derivatives.

In 1994 Biofine was awarded a grant by the US Department of Energy to construct a one ton per day demonstration plant in South Glens Falls, New York, which operated for 10 years in that location.

In 1999, Biofine was awarded the prestigious Presidential Green Chemistry Award for its development of the technology.


In 2005, Biofine became Biofine Renewables, LLC, a joint venture with an international oil and energy services company.

Between 2008 – 2015, Biofine Technology, LLC jointly developed its technology for commercial application in conjunction with numerous large international chemical and fuel companies. These developments have led to a number of new patents and commercial opportunity in a number of very attractive chemical and fuel markets.

In 2017, Biofine unveiled a newly updated Pilot Plant at The University of Maine – FBRI in Old Town, ME.

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